Careers Programme

Careers Education Information and Guidance is an essential part of a young person’s journey to adulthood. At St Mary’s we have a comprehensive careers programme which begins in Key Stage 2. Running through the careers programme at St Mary’s is a consistent focus upon the development of essential skills needed by all our pupils/students to be both successful learners at school and also in the future. We define the essential skills as: Listening, Speaking, Problem Solving, Creativity, Staying Positive, Aiming High, Leadership and Teamwork.

Key Stage 2 Careers Programme

Pupils/students complete a programme of activities that supports them to:

  • Know what they like and enjoy doing
  • Describe what they are good at
  • Talk about how to look after themselves
  • Be aware that people’s careers are different
  • Talk about how to keep themselves safe when at work
  • Show how they can work in a team
  • Bring their talents to complete a challenge

Key Stage 3 Careers Programme

The aim of the careers programme in Key Stage 3 is to encourage pupils/students to develop their self-awareness, self-determination and self-improvement as a learner. They will learn about careers and the world of work in relation to themselves. They will begin to develop career management and employability skills.

Pupils/students complete a programme of activities that supports them to:

  • Focus on their positive achievements
  • Describe themselves, their strengths, their preferences
  • Explain how they benefit from activities and experiences
  • Understand the idea of a career journey
  • Be aware of labour market information and how it can be useful
  • Understand how to challenge stereotyping and discrimination
  • Be aware of safe working practices and environments
  • Learn to manage a personal budget
  • Know how to make plans and decisions carefully
  • Know how to present themselves well in a selection process
  • Show they can be positive, flexible and well prepared

In Year 9 pupils/students will have support with choosing their BTEC options for Year 10. They will be able to see older pupils/students work and talk to them about the courses. They will also have an opportunity to take part in a taster session.

Key Stage 4 Careers Programme

At Key Stage 4 pupils/students continue to build on the skills and knowledge they have developed throughout Key Stage 3. They will start to plan their transition from school to further education. Pupils/students complete a programme of activities that supports them to:

  • Recognise how they are changing, what skills they have to offer and what is important to them
  • Be positive and develop responsibility for their own progress, achievements and wellbeing.
  • Explain key ideas about their career and careers development
  • Explain how work is changing and how this impacts on people’s satisfaction with their working lives.
  • Explain 3 different types of businesses, how they operate and how they measure success.
  • Recognise and challenge stereotyping, discrimination and other barriers to equality, diversity and inclusion.
  • Be aware of their responsibilities and rights as a student, trainee or employee for following safe working practices.
  • Research their education, training, apprenticeship, employment and volunteering options including information about the best progression pathways through to specific goals.
  • Know their rights and responsibilities in a selection process and the strategies used to improve their chances of being chosen.

Key Stage 5 Careers Programme

At Key Stage 5 the careers programme focuses upon the transition into adulthood which can include transition to post 19 provisions; local colleges, specialist colleges, apprenticeships, paid and voluntary employment options.

Support of the careers programme from a range of people is crucial in providing our pupils/students with high quality careers provision. We work closely with local employers and organisations to identify and provide meaningful work-related opportunities and experiences for all pupils/students during their time at St Mary’s.


  • Work with pupils/students, parents/carers and employers to raise aspirations and provide experiences across the curriculum to link learning with the workplace.


  • Attend and support school events
  • Support children with aspiration
  • Visit the school to give talks about work and experience


  • Attend school events
  • Visit the school to conduct mock interviews
  • Support the careers programme


  • Attend school events
  • Visit the school to give talks
  • Invite pupils/students in for workplace visits
  • Support work experience

Alumni (ex-pupils/students)

  • Attend school events
  • Visit the school to give talks

If you would like to get involved in the careers programme at St Mary’s please contact Mr Weakley; Careers Lead: 01424 740730