At St Mary's our pupils follow the National Curriculum but it is differentiated according to the individual needs of each child.

School Structure

The School at St Mary’s is for pupils in Key Stages 1, 2, 3 and 4 and the College is for those in Key Stage 5. At St Mary’s our pupils/students follow the National Curriculum which is differentiated according to the individual needs of each child.

Broadening horizons and opportunities

We support pupils/students personal social and moral learning and development through our curriculum opportunities. This helps all of our pupils/students to develop their sense of self and their wellbeing, as well as to broaden their horizons and opportunities. Fundamentally, there is an emphasis on developing communication, literacy and mathematical skills in a functional way as well as to enable pupils/students to achieve formal accreditation. Developing our pupils/students communication and social skills enables them to learn how to make and sustain friendships and form positive relationships. This is central to our work at St Mary’s.

Key Stage 1

St Mary’s has been granted permission to extend the age range of pupils for which it is registered. From September 2023 we will admit pupils into key stage 1, we have developed a specialist facility to accommodate our pupils safely and appropriately. Our specialist staff will plan individual programmes within the school curriculum, in order to support personal development and learning, through a recognisable Key Stage 1 model that is adapted to meet the needs of our youngest pupils.

Key Stage 2 

Key Stage 2 is delivered through a recognisable junior school approach, meaning that there is a small consistent team within each class and that core learning is delivered within a KS2 classroom to avoid transitions and unnecessary movement around the school. We make use of the School’s specialist areas such as Art, Food Technology and Computing in order to support teaching and learning. Our aim is to ensure that as pupils leave KS2 they have the independence, communication and learning skills to fully access the secondary curriculum as they move onwards through the school.

Key Stage 3 

The Key Stage 3 curriculum is delivered through a mixed junior and secondary style approach. Although a number of lessons are offered within their own classroom, pupils move with their class and their Teaching Assistants to Specialist Teachers who deliver the curriculum. Pupils are encouraged to take greater ownership of their own learning and they are supported to develop the organisational skills and flexibility which they need to be able to be independent young adults.

Key Stage 4 

At Key Stage 4 students follow accredited courses, including GCSEs and BTECs, which meet their ability levels and are matched to their future aspirations. Pupils/Students build on their prior experiences at KS3 and continue to consider what future employment and leisure activities they might wish to explore or follow in adult life, so that they can develop the skills they need to pursue these ambitions. Students in Key Stage 4 experience a working environment in real life work place experiences and learn about employability when exploring work related learning.

Key Stage 5 (College, 16-19)

Our College is in a separate, modern building on our main site. College students are increasingly independent and confident. Students have the opportunity to choose subjects they wish to study for GCSEs. Students will leave us with a range of BTEC, as well as GCSEs. An important part of our curriculum in Key Stage 5 is developing work skills, leading to work experience opportunities.