Governors at St Mary’s work collectively to provide leadership and oversight of the school and college.

St Mary’s School and 6th Form College is operated by the Talking Trust. The trustees of the Talking Trust agree the vision for St Mary’s, oversee the operation of the school and college and maintain financial oversight of St Mary’s and are the accountable body. The trustees have delegated aspects of governance and oversight of the school and college to a committee called the School Effectiveness Board (SEB). The SEB supports the Board of Trustees by monitoring aspects of teaching and learning, health and safety and safeguarding in the schools.

At the heart of what we do is our clear vision and purpose: To secure sustainable and meaningful improvements within every aspect of provision made by St Mary’s School and College, so that the pupils we serve make outstanding progress in their learning and personal development.

This can’t be achieved without the support of parents/carers. Your interest, encouragement and support is extremely important, to ensure that pupils/students attend well and maximise their opportunities to be successful at school. We value the views of parents/carers, which are gathered at regular intervals throughout the year (at parent/carer evenings and Annual Review meetings etc.) as this helps us to plan and develop our provision at the schools. We also value the contribution of our children/young people through our school council and residential house meetings: governors and senior staff want to know what our learners are thinking about their schools.

We are determined to support St Mary’s learners to be the best that they can be and we keep this aim at the centre of all our work.

Board of Trustees

Jean Haigh, Chair of Trustees

Matthew Smith

Jennifer Sutherland

Tracy Mander


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