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Residential Provision

St Mary’s has excellent residential facilities. Pupils/students live in a stimulating and ‘homely’ environment that promotes personal development and independence. Each living area has a sitting room, kitchen and dining area and also recreation areas, with a TV. Bedrooms are spacious and individual.

Our residential provision supports pupils/students to become more independent across all areas of their development. Through the delivery of our personalised ‘waking day’ curriculum, each child’s personal, social, health and emotional development is supported. Our experienced residential care team includes therapy staff who work with pupils both before and after school to support independent living skills. Staff levels are appropriately high so that individual needs can be well supported, taking account of the age/stage of development for each pupil/student.

Our staff support pupils/students to identify individual targets through a small steps programme. These targets are linked to those described in individual EHC Plans. Our staff also prioritise close working with parents/carers, providing advice and support when required.

We can offer a range of residential opportunities includes weekly boarding to fortnightly boarding. There is capacity within our provision to offer extended day, overnight respite, or short stay opportunities for pupils/ students who attend the school.

Pupils/students work with staff to create activity plans which enable them to enjoy, learn and to make the most of their residential experience. This includes using local facilities such as the nearby beach, parks and countryside, as well as youth clubs, horse riding and other leisure and sporting activities. Pupils/students are also provided with opportunities to utilise the living accommodation for social interaction, quiet individual time or study. Facilities within the main school and college buildings are also available for regular use during the evening, including the swimming pool.

Pupils/students learn to prepare light meals, become more responsible for their self-care and increasingly plan their leisure time. Opportunities for flexibility, autonomy, privacy and participation in decision-making are important aspects of our provision and this in turn enables increased responsibility and self-determination as pupils/students move towards adulthood.