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The best way to find out if St Mary’s is right for you and your child is to come and visit us. This way you can see for yourself pupils engaged in their learning, the facilities we have to offer and meet the people who will be working with you and your child.

Call us on 01424 730740, email our Administration team at: admin@stmarysbexhill.org and once we have taken some initial details, one of our senior leaders will call you back to find out a little more about your situation and to arrange a visit.

Our admissions process:

  • Stage 1 = Initial Enquiry: Please call Administration on 01424 730 740, or email us admin@stmarysbexhill.org.

  • Stage 2 = Our Administration staff will contact you and confirm a mutually convenient date to visit the School and College.

  • Stage 3 = Informal visit. This is an opportunity for you to see what St Mary’s can offer.

  • Stage 4 = Taster visit. These sessions will be bespoke to your child and may involve a day, a series of sessions or a number of day visits. Where appropriate it may include an extended day or overnight stay in our residential facility.

  • Stage 5 = If we feel that we can meet your child’s needs we will inform you and your Local Authority.

What can you expect on your visit?

You and your child will be met by our Assistant Principal who will accompany you during your visit. Our Assistant Principal will help you find all the information that you need to be able to make the important decision about whether the school is right for your child. During your visit, you will have an opportunity to talk to a variety of staff and to see first-hand what we can offer.

What's next?

After your visit, if it is appropriate, the Assistant Principal will discuss and arrange a Taster visit for your child.

The Taster Visit / Day:

Your child will be placed in the most appropriate class and if required, residential setting. During the day your child will follow the timetable for their identified class and attend all lessons. We will be making assessments and gathering information to inform our decision in relation to how appropriate a placement at St Mary’s would be.

A decision based on the child’s EHCP and any supporting reports as well as the Taster Day will be made by the Senior Team as to whether we feel that St Mary’s can meet the needs of your child. This decision is communicated to yourself and where appropriate, your Local Authority.

If you wish to take up a placement, your Local Authority may also need to make a decision as to whether they feel that the school is an appropriate placement. We will of course be able to discuss this process with you further during your initial visit.