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St Mary's School and College is an inspiring place. Thanks to donations we are able to support our pupils to achieve their potential and live as independently as possible.  This page shows some recent fundraising highlights.

Aspire Vocational Centre

The Aspire Vocational Centre includes a cafe, hairdressers, bank, printing and photography studio, general store, pop-up space and carwash.  Pupils have the chance to learn in each of these areas before applying for work in their preferred setting.  This unique space which enables our pupils to learn life skills in a safe, supported way, has been made possible through fundraising.  Donations from the public alongside grants from foundations and Awards for All have enabled us to develop the buildings and rooms, furnish and equip them appropriately, and keep the stock and contents up to date.

Total communication environment

With the support of funding from a grant-making trust we have been able to develop St Mary's Total Communication environment.  Training has been provided for all staff, not just those who work directly with children, in the use of sign-supported English; our signage across the site has been updated to make it appropriate for our pupils at all stages of development; online courses in signing are being recorded and will be available to anyone for free; classroom technology has been updated to support new methods of communication; and interactive communication boards are being installed across St Mary's.