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At St Mary’s our residential houses provide safe, supportive and nurturing environments.  Pupils have appropriate opportunities to build on and extend what they are learning in the school and college to further develop their independence and practical life skills. The residential houses are all within Bexhill and pupils have access to a range of activities and experiences in their local area and are supported and encouraged to make a positive contribution to their community.

I like having my own room and my own bathroom 

Lauren, pupil at St. Mary's School & College

St Mary’s has several on-site and off-site houses which are grouped according to age and needs. We have created warm, caring environments for our pupils so they feel comfortable and ‘at home’. Our living areas have communal space for everyone to spend time together as well as shared or individual bedrooms and bathrooms.

We create exciting and appropriate opportunities to take part in activities in the community as well as on site. Pupils work with residential staff to create their activity plans which will enable them to enjoy and learn. Our ethos of promoting independence continues through the living areas where pupils are supported and nurtured to build on life skills and independence.

St Mary’s follows a ‘waking day curriculum’ which means that throughout the day staff are clear about the goals and targets pupils are working towards and provide opportunities for them to do so. We place social and independence skills within the curriculum so that our pupils are confident in real-world situations. Importantly, this means pupils can embed their new skills in different places.