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Children having fun at St Mary's School & College

At St Mary's our pupils follow the National Curriculum but it is differentiated according to the individual needs of each child. 

Here is a link to St Mary's School and College Curriculum

Key Stage 2 (7-11)

Key Stage 2 is delivered through an integrated day approach. We have recently modernised our spacious suite of KS2 rooms to better meet the complex needs of our pupils. We are able to explore a wide variety of ways to support the development of learning and communication. Our aim is to ensure that as pupils leave KS2 they have the independence, communication and learning skills to fully access the curriculum as they move onwards through the school.

Key Stage 3 (11-14)

The Key Stage 3 curriculum is delivered through a secondary style approach for most pupils. Pupils have a tutor class and move with this class and their teaching assistants to specialist teachers who deliver the curriculum. Pupils are encouraged to take greater ownership of their own learning and develop the organisational skills and flexibility which they need to be able to be independent young adults. We do recognise this is not appropriate for all pupils and as such have an alternative provision reflecting closer the Key Stage 2 provision for some of our learners.

Key Stage 4 (14-16)

At Key Stage 4 pupils begin to follow accredited courses which meet their ability levels. They begin to consider what future employment and hobbies they might wish to follow in adult life so that they can develop the skills they need to pursue these ambitions. Pupils in Key Stage 4 experience a working environment when they go on work experience for the first time.

Key Stage 5 (Sixth form college, 16-19)

Our college is in a separate, modern building on our main site. College pupils are increasingly independent and confident. Pupils have the opportunity to choose subjects they wish to study from a broad selection. Pupils leave us with a range of BTEC, Entry Level and Level 1 and 2 awards. An important part of our curriculum in Key Stage 5 is developing work skills through the Aspire Vocational Centre. This leads to work experience opportunities in Year 13 and 14.