The Trust has three off site residencies and for students who are more vulnerable there is on site accommodation.  There are a range of single and twin bedded rooms with adjacent bathing facilities.  Students are encouraged to personalise their living areas.

Students continue with a Waking Curriculum in the residencies, with particular emphasis on developing independence skills. The College supports students to engage in a range of extra-curricular activities of their choice, both on site and within the community.  Many of the students take part in local clubs that include: Judo, fitness gym, dance, cricket, football and music.

Students who are bi-weekly boarders engage in planning their activities and for those weekends.  They will also buy food and cook their meals and manage their laundry and ironing.

The Care Curriculum

St Mary’s has developed a Care Curriculum, which offers pupils structured and planned opportunities to learn within the residential setting. Each Living Area group has a Termly Curriculum Plan from which individual plans are developed and progress monitored, enabling each pupil to participate in the activities and programmes most appropriate for their needs.